How to Invite Plooto Companies to your Accounting Firm

We have a new feature where you can invite companies to be part of your accounting firm. You can invite existing companies on Plooto. Once the invite is accepted you can add and remove accounting firm members in one place.

First, you will need to ensure your company is set up as an accounting firm. To confirm this, complete the following steps:

Click on the company name in the top right
Click on “Company Settings”
Ensure the following box is checked off:

Once that is confirmed, you can click on “Accounting Firm” which is located on the left-hand side of the "Settings" page.

Here, you will be prompted to invite a client, so your accounting firm represents them on Plooto. You will see all existing clients you represent on Plooto listed here.

When you click on the “invite client” button, you will enter your clients e-mail address for the company you’d like to represent.

You will then need to select which permissions you would like to have, which they will later approve/modify when they accept your invitation.

Once the invitation request is sent out, your client will receive an e-mail from Plooto on behalf of your accounting firm, where they will approve or decline the request. 

If they accept it, they will then be prompted to confirm which privileges they’d like to grant the accounting firm.

Once they complete this step, their company will show up when you click on the “Accounting Firm” tab.

Now that the company profile is set up, you can click on the company to add users from your accounting firm.

To do this, first click on the company name (as per the image above), then click on “add user” as per the image below: 

Here, you will be prompted to choose a user from your accounting firm and add them to represent this company on Plooto. You will also be able to provide them with the appropriate privileges.

***Please note, if you are an accounting firm, all of your new clients will automatically be added here, if you create them by clicking the "add company" button, from the "add company" tab. 


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