How to Send a PAD Agreement to a Contact for a Future Dated Payment Request

You are able to create a PAD agreement in advance, so your contact can complete the necessary steps prior to the payment date.

By doing this, you will ensure when the payment is scheduled to start processing, there will be no delays.

First, create the contact under the “contacts” tab. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to complete this.
Once you have created the contact, you will be able to create the payment request. To do this, follow the steps listed below:

From the dashboard, click on the “receivables” tab
Click on “new payment request”
Click on “direct debit”
Enter the appropriate information for your contact.

Under “Recurring Plan”, you can choose whether or not this will be a recurring payment. You will also be able to choose the intervals (monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or custom), and the duration. 

You will then have the option to choose whether or not you'd like to use a Pre-Authorized Debit agreement (PAD agreement). 

A Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) agreement should be used for all frequent payees. Setting up a PAD agreement is quick and easy, while allowing future payment request to occur without requiring an approval process each time. This both saves your payees time and helps you collect your funds quicker.

Once this is completed, the contact will receive and e-mail from Plooto, asking for them to verify their account by either logging into their online banking, or manually entering their direct deposit information. 

If they are manually entering their banking details, they will receive a 0.01 cent deposit into their account, with a PIN in the description, similar to "ABC123".

An e-mail will be sent from Plooto advising of the deposit into their bank account, and there will be a section for them to enter the PIN in the e-mail, to verify their account. 

***Please ensure your clients are referencing either a void cheque or a direct deposit form to get the full account number details 

Once they've verified their accounts, your payment will go through for the date you've set it up for, without any further action required by yourself or the contacts. 



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