How to Create Your Xero Custom URL

As part of the Xero integration, you are able to create a custom URL that will show up in the invoice sent to your contact.

In order to get this custom URL, you can follow the instructions below:
  • From the Plooto dashboard, click on the “Bank” tab
  • Click on the appropriate bank account
  • Scroll down to the “Xero Payment Service” section, and click on “Payment Service Setup”
  • Follow the instructions on the page (also listed below)

Step 1: Add a payment service

Set up a custom URL to accept payments in Xero. Accept payments directly into your bank account from Xero invoices.
  1. Login to Xero and click on Settings tab.
  2. Go to General Settings, then click Payment Services.
  3. Click Add Payment Service.
  4. Select Custom Payment URL.
  5. Enter custom URL from Step 2 below.
  6. Enter the pay now text you'd like included in your online invoices.

7. Click Save

Step 2: Add Your Company's Payment Service URL

First, click on the "bank" tab in Plooto
Click on the company bank account
Click on "payment service setup" 

Select where you want your funds to be deposited to for Xero invoices paid with Plooto. Paste the generated URL into Xero to complete your setup. 



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