Credit Card Payments

When collecting payment from your contacts, you can select the option to accept Credit Card Payments. This article will explain how to set this up, and the pricing structure of Credit Card processing. 

Please note, Canadian companies are only able to request funds in CAD, and American companies are only able to request funds in USD. If you are a Canadian company requesting USD funds, please do not enable the credit card feature for that payment. 

Credit Card payments fall under a different fee schedule as regular Plooto payments, so it is important to be aware of this when setting up invoices to send out. For full details on Plooto Pricing, click here.


+ Timing

Payments made via Credit Card, will generally take 3-5 business days to be received, although they can be delivered as soon as next business day. For larger invoices being paid by Credit Card there can be a mandated compliance hold of 5 business days.


Billing for Credit Cards is done on a per-transaction basis. If your contact pays via credit card, the percentage will be deducted directly from the amount deposited into your bank account.

When looking to enable Credit Card payments there is also an additional security requirement of Two Factor Authentication (TFA). This ensures that your account is secure and will require a multi-device login to access your Plooto account. For instructions on how to turn on TFA, click here. *Each user will need to turn on TFA under their own profile in order to create Credit Card payments.

In order to enable Credit Card payments for invoices you will follow the steps below:

Go to settings under your company and select the “Billing” tab

Click on the “Enable” button under Company Subscriptions.

If you haven’t yet turned on Two Factor Authentication, you will be prompted to do so, otherwise you can review the Required Regulatory Disclosure and then press “Agree & Continue”

You’ll then be prompted to answer a few questions to verify your identity. Please ensure this is the company directors information: 

When you go to collect your next payment through Plooto, you’ll be able to select “yes” to enable Credit Cards and this will give your contact the option of paying via direct debit or Credit Card when they receive the email request. The Credit Card functionality will only apply to invoices that you choose.

*When setting up a payment before enabling Credit Card functionality, you will be automatically redirected to the Billings screen in order to complete the steps.


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