Reconciling QuickBooks Desktop on Two Devices

In order to setup QuickBooks Desktop reconciliation on 2 machines you will need to make some slight adjustments to your web connector file. This documents will run you through how to do this.
Once you've connected the first device, proceed with the following process on the second device. Click here on how to connect your first device.
The first thing you will need to do is disconnect your current reconciliation with Plooto on the second device. In order to do so:
  1.  Login to Plooto
  2.  Click on your name on top right
  3.  Click on Settings
  4.  Click on Integrations
  5.  Click on the trash icon besides Accounting Software
  6.  Click Yes on "Are you sure you want to delete this integration?" popup
Now that your reconciliation has been removed, you will need to create a new QBD connection on the second device:
  1.  Click on the "+" icon beside “Accounting Software”
  2.  Select QuickBooks Desktop
  3.  Skip to Step 2 in the guide found here 
  4.  Download your Company File and write down your password
  5.  Navigate to your downloaded company file

  6. Open the file in Notepad
  7. In Notepad, find the text that starts with <OwnerID> and ends with </FileID> 

  8.  You will need to change ANY ONE number for OwnerID and FileID.
  • For example, in this case the OwnerID is "5bb56528-ca41-4fbf-99de-4e6db7eefb2a", you can change the first number to 6 instead of 5 "6bb56528-ca41-4fbf-99de-4e6db7eefb2a".
  • Make sure to change at least 1 number in both OwnerID and FileID and save the file.
You can now add the file on the second device using the same 6-digit password that you originally received from Plooto, and the new saved file.



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