Sending international payments

Save on expensive wire fees and only pay $9.99 per transaction with Plooto's international payments! 

Plooto allows you to send payments to the majority of European countries, Australia, Canada, and The United States, complete with competitive exchange rates. In addition to sending and receiving funds within Canada and the U.S, you can now use Plooto to send payments to:

*Note that payments made to these countries need to be made in the destination currency

To setup an international payment, follow these steps.

First, add the payee as a contact in Plooto. To do this, click on ‘Contacts’ in the top navigation menu.
On the ‘Contacts’ page, click on ‘Add Contacts’

On the next page click ‘Add Single Contact’

On the ‘Add a Contact’ page, enter the contact name, their email and enter a display name.

Select “Specify Account Information” in the” how you would like to provide banking information” dropdown menu. 

Next, specify the ‘Bank Country’ and ‘Account Currency’, and additional fields will populate underneath.
  • For accounts situated in Europe and The United Kingdom, you will need the IBAN number of the recipient, as well as their full legal address.
  • For accounts situated in Australia, you will need the account information, routing number, swift code, and full legal address.
  • If you are sending funds to the United States, please use the ACH routing number, not the wire routing number

Please double check all information before continuing!

Click ‘Save Contact & Continue’. You’ve just added an international payee!

To send a payment to this contact, proceed to ‘Send’ as you normally would, and setup a payment to that contact. For details on sending a payment, please click here
When you select the payee, our system will default to the destination currency, and when you continue to the next page, you will be shown the exchange rate you are receiving. For more on Plooto’s exchange rate and how they are calculated and processed, click here.


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