Everything about collecting payments

Payment Requests are used by Plooto users to request and collect payments from their customers. Automate the collection of your accounts receivable and get paid on time

First time payment requests will require customers to connect their bank account and accept the payment request - this is a one time action required by the customer.  After their bank account is provided, a micro-deposit with PIN code is provided.  The PIN code must be entered to activate the Payment Request.  Once complete, a transaction is created where the funds are deposited directly into your bank account within 2 to 3 business days

To request electronic payments from your customers:

1. Click on Receivables tab and complete the Payment Request form.  Note that the Debit Date is the day which the funds will be debited from your contacts account and not the day the it will be deposited into your account.  It will still take the normal processing time to reach your bank account

2. Selecting Continue will direct you to a confirmation page where you're able to review the Payment Request details before processing

If it's a one time Payment Request, you can ignore the Recurring Payment Plan and Use Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement fields at this time.  Details about each of these features is covered below

Plooto enables users to request multiple payments for the same amount from several customers at the same time.   To request multiple payments, simply select + Add another person located underneath the debit date.  Repeat this step for as many customers.  Note that you're able to specify different debit dates for each individual


Plooto let's users setup recurring payment requests from a customer.  Once setup, the transactions are automatically processed according to the schedule

To setup a recurring payment request:

1. Click on the Receivables tab and select the Direct Debit button

2. Enter the Plan Name (Description) and Amount of the payment request. Select a bank in the Deposit To dropdown

3. Select the Start Date and a contact from the Request From dropdown.  Here you can add as many individuals to the Plan as you'd like using the +Add another person button

4. Select Yes for Recurring Payment Plan.  Additional fields should appear as shown below:

5. Complete the Use Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement? section

A Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) agreement should be used for all frequent payees. Setting up a PAD agreement is quick and easy, while allowing future payment requests to occur without requiring an approval process each time.  This both saves your payee time and helps you collect funds quicker

For the first transaction, the payee will be asked if they agree to be debited automatically in the future

  • Select NO if you would like the payee to process and approve each request separately
  • Select YES if you would like the payee to be automatically debited and just notified of the transaction. If this is the first transaction, the payee will be asked to confirm the PAD agreement

A summary of your payment requests is displayed under the Receivables tab.  Selecting any specific Payment Request will take you to a page that outlines all of the details for that specific contact as shown below:

Within the Recent Payment Requests table is where you're able to modify specific Payment Requests.  The Pencil and Garbage Can icons on the right are quick actions while a more detailed page can be found by selecting the specific Payment Request

Within the Payer Details page, you're able to:
  • Resend the payment request link on the top right of the page
  • Reschedule the initial debit date
  • Cancel a recurring plan for the Payer
  • Enter new banking details
  • See the progress of a Payer's PIN or enter the PIN yourself



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