Sending CRA tax payments

It’s never been simpler to make remittances to the Canadian Revenue Agency ("CRA").  You can now send CRA payments any where, any time and avoid that line at the bank.

CRA payments completed through Plooto are paid directly to the specific account selected and cost $3.00 per payment. 

Keep in mind that remittances are deemed to have been made on the day on which it is received by the CRA, so be sure to schedule your payment appropriately to meet your due date.

There is a $11,000 maximum per transaction, so if your amount owing is higher than $11,000, two separate payments will be required. 

To submit payments to the CRA, select Send Payments followed by the CRA Tax Payments option:

After selecting CRA Tax Payments, you’ll be asked to complete the payment details.  At present, Plooto supports the following CRA payment types: Federal Payroll Deductions, Corporate Tax Payments (T2) and GST/HST.

An overview of the forms for each type of payment is highlighted below:

Federal Payroll Deductions

T2 Corporate Income Tax

GST / HST Payments



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