What are steps to get started?

Congratulations on getting started with Plooto and on your way to never writing a check again!

The sign-up process is straight-forward but outlined below just in case!
  1. Sign Up on the Plooto.co website and complete the registration form.
    Once complete, you will be directed to your Plooto dashboard with the opportunity to poke around within the platform.  At this stage, your account has not yet been activated
  2. Add a bank account
    You can find a full walk-through of the process here.

    Once complete, a micro-deposit will also be issued to verify your bank account.  This will typically take 1 to 2 business days - in the meantime, you can continue setting up your account
  3. Start the Verification Process.  For new companies, you will see a blue bar that outlines the verification process and each items status.

    By selecting each item, you will see the specifics required to complete both the Personal ID and Company ID requirements.  Note: if your bank account has multiple Signing Authorities, all individuals will have to login separately and complete their Personal ID verification process.
  4. Add any other users
    If there are any other users that need to be added (that were not added as a signing authority when adding your bank account), now's a good time!  
  5. Add a payee
    Before paying anyone on Plooto, you will need to add them to your list of contacts.  The quickest way to add a payee is outlined here
  6. Add a payment
    After completing the verification process and adding your payee information, you are now ready to send your first payment.  Note: if any of the signing authorities or the company verification steps are outstanding, transactions will be held until completed
  7. Validate your bank account
    This is the last step to fully activate your account.  While Steps 1 to 6 can be completed during your first visit, this step will only occur following 1 to 2 business days.  After entering your pin code, your Plooto account will be fully active!  The step-by-step guide can be found here.  Welcome to the Plooto network!


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