Recurring Payment Request


Plooto let's users setup recurring payment requests from a customer.  Once setup, the transactions are automatically processed according to the schedule

To setup a recurring payment request:

1. Click on the Request tab and select the Direct Debit button

2. Enter the Plan Name (Description) and Amount of the payment request. Select a bank in the Deposit To dropdown

3. Select the Start Date and a contact from the Request From dropdown.  Here you can add as many individuals to the Plan as you'd like using the +Add another person button

4. Select Yes for Recurring Payment Plan.  Additional fields should appear as shown below:

5. Complete the Use Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement? section

  • Select NO if you would like the payee to process and approve each request separately
  • Select YES if you would like the payee to be automatically debited and just notified of the transaction. If this is the first transaction, the payee will be asked to confirm the PAD agreement

6. Click on Continue to complete the setup process


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