What do the various payment statuses mean?

Debit Date: The date when funds are withdrawn from the bank account

Estimated Date: This is the estimated date when a transaction balance should be reflected in the bank account. Note that smaller banks and credit unions may take longer to reflect the receipt of funds

Pending: Typically, this is because the transaction has been submitted outside of business hours and will be processed on the following business day. Note that if this is your first time making a payment, payment request or cross-border transaction, it may be displayed as pending while our compliance team approves the transaction

Approval Required: This transaction has not yet been processed and is awaiting approval from at least one additional user

To see who has approved the transaction and who still needs to approve the transaction, click on the status of the payment to see the payment details. On the page, you will see the “Payment Approval History”

Funds Debited: The transaction request has been submitted to the financial institution as is awaiting action by the bank/credit union

Clearing: At this stage, the funds are on their way and have been withdrawn from the senders account. Note that for e-mail money transfers, funds will remain in clearing until the payee provides their banking information (at which time, a notification is provided to the payer)

Completed: The transaction has been completed and is reflected within the bank accounts

Bank Validation Pending: Please enter your bank pin code (ex: AAA000) to activate the company account

Exchanging: A foreign exchange is in process

Processing: At this stage, the funds are currently in transit for cross border and FX transactions

Recalled: Payment has been recalled. Funds will automatically be placed in your Plooto Instant account to be used for future payments, or you can set your bank account up as a payee and send the balance back to your account for refund. Because funds have already cleared, Plooto Instant credit will be issued same/next day

Recall Pending: Payment has been recalled and will be credited after funds have cleared

Credit Failed: The transaction was unsuccessful.  In most cases, this is due to incorrect banking information. You will need to update and resubmit the transaction

Debit Failed: The funds could not be withdrawn from the account. This is typically a NSF situation or improper bank account information


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