Get faster payments by prefunding Plooto Instant

What is Plooto Instant?
Plooto Instant is free for all members of Plooto and lets you make faster payments 
by pre-funding your account. Payments made with Plooto Instant can be completed in as little as 12 hours

Especially if you frequently make urgent payments, many of our clients top-up their Plooto account each month.  Note that it will still require a regular transaction (that can take up to 3 business days) to prefund your Plooto account

How do I use my Plooto Instant balance?
The balance of your Plooto Instant account if displayed on the company dashboard.  To use these funds, simply select the “Plooto Instant” account under the “Pay From” field when making a payment, as show below:

Note for Accounting Software users:
When pre-funding your Plooto Instant account, Plooto will automatically create a bank account within your accounting software.  However, the initial transfer of funds within your accounting software will need to be completed manually.  Following, Plooto will automatically reconcile any payments made using your Plooto Instant account


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