How do I edit user permissions for my company?

With Plooto, you can fully customize and edit the permissions of each user

Note: To edit the permissions of users, you need to have administrator rights for that company. You also can only edit users with CFO, Accountant, Viewer and Custom permissions

To edit the permissions of a user:

1. User permissions for each company are found under the Settings menu

2. Click on User List

3. Click on the Pencil Icon to edit the permissions of a user

4. Select an option in the User Role dropdown menu

  • CFO's can edit payees, edit companies, edit payments and approve payments
  • Accountant's can edit payees, edit companies and edit payments
  • Viewer's can only view the account
  • Custom users can have customized permissions

Alternatively, select the Advanced button and set custom permissions for that individual.

5. Click Update

Please note: Plooto Instant permissions are separate.


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