How much does Plooto cost?

Other payment platforms for businesses have monthly subscriptions, setup costs and hidden fees. You don't really know what you're paying until you get the bill from them. For us, it's one simple pricing model, so you'll never have any surprises ever.

It is completely free to sign-up with Plooto with no limits and no monthly fees.

The pricing is a flat fee of $1 per transaction for domestic transactions.

You can also pay your cross-border vendors or collect from customers between Canada and the U.S. for a $9.99 flat fee.

Plooto also offers a competitive mid-market exchange rate for currency exchanges between USD and CAD. Read more about cross-border payments here.

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The simplest way to pay your vendors, contractors, and other business expenses online. Send payments to the U.S. Syncs with QuickBooks and Xero.

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