Connect QuickBooks Desktop with your Plooto account

You can streamline your accounts payable and accounts receivable workflows by syncing your Plooto account with QuickBooks Desktop. Import your bills, invoices, payees, customers and bank accounts from your accounting software to Plooto.

Plooto can connect with the following QuickBooks desktop product:

  • U.S. editions of QuickBooks Financial Software products
    • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
    • QuickBooks Premier (2002 or later)
    • QuickBooks Pro (2002 or later)
    • QuickBooks Simple Start (2006 or later)
    • QuickBooks Point of Sale (v4.0 or later)
  • Canadian editions of QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise (2003 or later)
  • UK editions of QuickBooks Pro or Accountant Edition (2003 or later)

To connect QuickBooks Desktop with Your Plooto account:

1. Log in to your Plooto account.

2. In the Dashboard tab, click on QuickBooks Desktop.

After clicking on the QuickBooks Desktop icon, you will be re-routed to an in-app integration guide where you can download QuickBooks Web Connector, and your Company File:

3. Download the QuickBooks Web Connector (QWC) file. Plooto uses the official QuickBooks Web Connector to communicate with your QuickBooks company file. Before proceeding to the other steps please make sure that you have permissions to install new software on your computer. Make sure that the QuickBooks Application is running before you run the QWC file.

4. Now that the QWC file is installed on your computer, you can download your company file. This file will allow you to sync and pay your bills via the Plooto Dashboard.

5. After installing QuickBooks Web Connector, run the QuickBooks application and open your company file as a company Administrator.

6. Open the above QWC company file and you should see the a certificate confirmation.

7. Click on Yes, to whenever this QuickBooks Company file is open option. Then click on Continue.

8. Close the confirmation box by clicking Done

9. Enter your company password that is generated in Plooto. Your QuickBooks password is different from your user password. It's a small 6 digits number that expires once entered. 

10. Click the checkmark beside your company name and click Update Selected.

11. Your connection to QuickBooks Desktop is now successfully established.

Download a PDF version of this guide here


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