Everything about sending payments

After completing the verification process and adding setting up your contacts, you are ready to make transactions with Plooto.  Note that if any of the signing authorities or the company have verification steps outstanding, transactions will be held until completed.  Detailed below are the various additional ways and types of payments that can be created:

To create deferred payments:

1. Click on Payables tab and select New Payable

2. Enter the details of a payment. Change the Debit Date field to the date you want to defer the payment until.  This is the date which the transaction will be initiated and the funds withdrawn from the specified bank account.

3. Once you've added all your payments, click on Next Step followed by Process

Plooto lets users setup recurring payments to payees.  Once setup, the transactions are automatically processed according to the specified schedule.  For any dates that have already passed, Plooto will process these transactions immediately once setup

To setup recurring payments:

1. Click on the Payable tab and select the New Payable button

2. Follow the same steps as creating a one time payment by entering the payment details from the drop down fields

3. Select the Recurring Payment symbol  on the right hand side of the row

4. Additional drop down fields will appear below the payment.  Select the desired Interval and Duration

5. Select Next Step to confirm the recurring payment and complete the setup process

+ Mass

With Plooto, you can send mass payments by populating transactions using our Mass Pay template (in Excel)

To send mass payments:

1. Click on the Payables tab, click New Payable, then direct debit, and select Mass Pay

2. Download and complete the Mass Pay Excel Template

3. After uploading the file, a confirmation page will be displayed for review before processing the transactions

In addition to completing bills in full, Plooto enables you to make any number of partial payments on a bill while keeping track of any ongoing due dates and amounts still owed

To make a partial payment:

1. In the Outstanding Bills section in the Dashboard page, select the bill(s) you want to pay

2. Click on Send Payment(s) and Enter the amount you wish to pay

3. Click on Next Step and Process

On the Dashboard page below the Outstanding Bills section, you'll see the bill that was just partially paid will be listed in this table. Until this bill is fully paid, it can be accessed in this section to view details, make another partial payment or pay off the remaining balance of the bill


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