Verifying a bank account

There are two methods you can use to verify your bank account. If you hold an account at one of the big banks, you will be able to enter your online banking credentials and select the account you want to connect.  The process will follow the steps outlined in these images:

Select the bank where the account is held

Enter in your Card Number and Password

Answer the Security Question

Select the account you want to link

This method is instantaneous and your account will be verified once you've successfully answered the security question and selected the account.

Alternatively, you can have your account verified by going through our PIN code verification process. 

After providing your bank account information, a micro-deposit would have been issued containing a PIN code to activate your bank account

This deposit will appear in your bank account within 1 business days and contain a unique 6-character code (ex. Plooto – ABC123).  With some banks, there is a slight delay between when the transaction and full description appear

Activate your bank account by entering the 6-character PIN code on your Plooto Dashboard

Note: Transactions will only be processed once the verification process is completed. If anything is outstanding in your account, a blue bar is displayed across your Plooto dashboard that highlights the items outstanding.  For questions related to the verification process, please reach out to our compliance team at



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