How much does Plooto cost?

Plooto costs as low as $0.50 per transaction. While other payment platforms for businesses have monthly, setup and hidden fees - with Plooto, it's one simple price. So, you'll never ever have any surprises!

Combined transactions can lead to considerable savings. If you are sending out multiple payments at a time, Plooto will automatically debit your account in one bulk payment, saving you from incurring multiple transaction fees with your bank

NSF (Not Sufficient Funds) Returned: $30 Fee Each
Failed Credits (Incorrect Payee Account): $2 Fee Each
Recalled Direct Payments: $10 Fee Each
Recalled Email Money Transfer: $5 Fee Each


The simplest way to pay your vendors, contractors, and other business expenses online. Send payments to the U.S. Syncs with QuickBooks and Xero.

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